Technical Specifications


BABA-THERM Steam Generator is the latest design in coil type boilers using reverse flame technology. The furnace is made of an air tight helical coil of membrane - wall construction, placed inside an assembly & double jacketed MS shell and aluminium radiator.

Combustion air is forced through the jacketed shell, thereby getting pre heated   and keeping the outer shell cool.

The pressure jet burner atomises the fuel and preheated air helps in completing combustion. The fues gases are reversed in the furnace, resulting in two radiant heat transfer passes and the third convective pass between coil and inner shell. The flue gases further transfer heat to the economizer for preheating feed water. Especially designed heat optimizer protects the feed water pump from high feed water temperature, thus enhancing the life of the pump.

These special features make BABA-THERM a very reliable and highly fuel efficient package boiler.


The flame reverses within the furnace and thereafter passes along with the membranes wall provided. Due to this, the flame has a longer residence time for total combustion. The reverse flame technology ensures a very high radiation heat transfer and complete combustion.


BABA-THERM reverse flame Steam generator has a very high fuel efficiency of 88% (NCV). This is due to
  • Complete combustion in reversing flame and extensive heat absorption.
  • Heat recovery through the economiser
  • BABA-THERM reverse flame Steam Generator is outside the purview of Indian Boiler regulations.
  • No need of a separate boiler House or an IBR approved boiler operator.

BABA-THERM offers a unique design in which the coil diameter is 31.8 mm/OD. Due to this there is
  • Lesser coil choking ensuring longer life of the coil.
  • Also the coil of BABA-THERM product is machine wound which avoids the flame giving any temperature hot spots within the chamber.

BABA-THERM reverse flame steam generators have:
  • The control panel is a fully digitalized one.
  • Digital Temperature Display, Lighted Switches
  • Best quality components, from reputed manufacturers e.g. Boiler/Tubes are form ERW or TI Group.
  • Critical components like sequence controller, photocell and Ignition Transformer are made indigenously by BABA-THERM. This provides the customer availability of spare parts immediately on demand.

BABA-THERM reverse flame steam generators are designed keeping in mind easy maintenance.
  • All components are assembled in perfection. Blower, Fuel pump, and
    water feed pump motors are placed separately for easy maintenance


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