Technical Specifications




For process heating application, Baba-Therm Liquid Phase Heater can be substituted against steam or electricity instead of pressurized hot water or steam uses Thermic Fluids for heat transfer. Simple close circuit system is used.

Temperature upto 300șC can be obtained with an accuracy of ± 1% at a low working pressure of 2.5 kg/cm (approx.).

The Baba-Therm product is designed on the coil type once through, forced circulation principle to use heat transfer fluids without risk of chemical degradation.

Heater Assembly consists of a nest of concentric helical tube coils placed within a sturdy MS shell. The concentric coils fabricated out of Boiler tube suitable for high temp. application allow flue pass to ensure maximum heat dissipation.

After each path of the flue gas centrifugal fly ash setting chambers are provided by which fly ash is collected preventing soot deposition on heat transfer surface of the heater.

This always ensures optimum heat transfer and minimum cleaning. For easy installation, the heater complete with all standard accessories is mounted on sturdy steel frame.


ID fan Digital temperature controller, Low level switch, Differential pressure switch intel Pressure gauge, outlet Pressure gauge. Spring loaded safely valve. Audio visual alarm for abnormal operating conditions.


The TFH is designed to use fuel of your choice. The system rated output on low calorific value like lignite having GCV upto 3800 kcal/kg, Agriwaste rice hust bagasse, ground nut shell sawdust etc.


The combustion chamber giving proper dimension and grate area ensures maximum combustion efficiency on low calorific value of fuel. ID fan and over fire fan help complete combustion of low calorific value fuel. Large and easily accessible heating surface of BABA SF system and air preheater assures un-matched efficiency of 76% (on GCV of coal having 4500/kcal/kg wood having 3000 kcal/kg.

(A) Furnace Steel Chamber (C) Insulation Bricks (E) Heater Coil (G) Over Fire Air Nozzles
(B) Fire Bricks (D) Castable on hinged door (F) Flyash setting chamber (H) By-pass chimney

Coal/Lignite and other Solid Fuel is burnt in an external furnace which results in an elimination of any possible hazard to the Thermic Fluid Heater coil. A Fuel by-pass system is attached for the protection against power failure. The entire furnace is provided with steel casing and combustion chamber is constructed with best quality high heat fire bricks and insulation bricks.


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