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This is a compact rigid noiseless & fully automatic Hot Air Heater/Furnace and any unskilled person can operate it. The Hot Air Heater/Furnace operates automatically on pre set temperature.


The fuel oil burner is a horizontal firing, pressure atomizing, forced draught type with direct electric spar ignition.

The fuel oil pump with combustion blower is mounted on the burner casing on the front side of the unit, a fuel oil filter is mounted at a convenient position near the pump and is connected to the oil inlet port of the pump.

All components of imported burners is reputed companies like:

Parker (Italy), Landis & Gyr (Germany), Monarch (USA), Suntec (France), Simel (Italy), Cofi (Italy). The electrical Components used as: L&T, NGEF/Siemens/Cromption etc.



High Temperature Heater: The main constituents of the "Baba-Therm" Hot Air Heater/Furnace are the casing (which consist of insulation), the combustion chamber fabricated out of stainless steel smoke tube/membrane, a flue gas outlet, fuel oil burner and ventilation blower.

Low Temperature Heater: The main constituents of the low temperature heater are the same as above except that the material of construction is carbon steel.

The casing fabricated out of heavy gauge steel sheets is double jacketed to provide efficient air insulation.

The ventilation blower fan fitted at the bottom of the unit blows air upwards over the combustion chamber and the nest of smoke tubes/partition.

The hot air from the plenum chamber, at the top of the unit, is ducted away to the required places.

Air is sucked through lowered panels at the bottom, a flame viewing door with glass is provided on the opposite side of burner.

The dust proof pre wired electrical control panel box is located on the Hot Air Heater.

  • Thermal efficiency of 90% + 2%
  • Clean & Critically controllable hot air
    1. Low temperature models upto 90 C
    2. High temperature models upto 150 C
      (Higher temperatures more than 150C can also be achieved through recirculation of air.)
  • Space Saver and can easily be installed with existing or new system.
  • Fully Automatic to easy operation and virtual no maintenance.
  • Almost noise free thus does not disturb your work.
  • Our countrywide network of service centers take care of the system
  • To ensure prompt and quality service our qualified engineers are always ready to do their best.



* Pharmaceuticals
* Tobacco drying
* Lamination
* Food Industries
* Adhesive Tapes
* Textiles
* Pulses and Cereals
* Any other applications requiring hot air
Note: Fuel oil consumption is based on net colorific value (NCV) of L.D.O. 10,050 Kcal/Kg
          We reserve the right to change any specification without prior notice

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